Green Initiatives

A Spice of Life continually keeps community at the heart of its thriving business. Our priority is to promote the wellness of the environment and the people of our community.

To keep in stride with our values, A Spice of Life adopted the Zero Waste Program in conjunction with Eco-Cycle in 2005. The program enables our company to drastically reduce the amount of waste we produce through composting and recycling. In addition to these practices, we also offer compostable products such as cups and plates made from sugar and corn, as well as utensils made from recyclable products.

Most people are familiar with recycling but remain unsure of what it means to compost. This green practice puts our organic waste matter back into the earth, allowing it to decompose and turn into nutrient rich soil. The key is not just to use those compostable products, but also to ensure that they are being disposed of properly in order to continue the process.

Next time you’re at an A Spice of Life event, make sure to keep an eye out for our bright green compost bags. They are made of 100% biodegradable products that decompose and enable the contents to do the same.

From a full serviced event to our daily deliveries, each member of the Spice team embraces zero waste standards and continue to add to Colorado’s green reputation. Aside from the obvious rewards, we also love having the opportunity to educate the community along the way!

Our program has achieved outstanding successes. For example, after only two years, A Spice of  Life was able to divert over 217,660 pounds of materials.

Let’s cater something great together!